What’s the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia?

Sonny’s. But I’m biased, Ask GQ Magazine what they think.

Is there gluten-free cheesesteak option?

We offer gluten-free cheesesteak rolls are available however sandwiches are prepared on surfaces that have been exposed to gluten. Proceed with caution.

Is Sonny a real person?

He sure is. And he lives in all of our hearts.

I have a large group. Can we reserve your place for lunch?

Yes! See our Groups page.

How do I order a cheesesteak?

Don’t worry, we’re happy to help you through the ordering process!

Can I open a franchise?

Maybe! Contact us if interested — [email protected].

Can we sit? Do you have bathrooms?

Yes and yes! Of course! We have indoor/outdoor seating and two private bathrooms!

Is there a long line?

Our line moves super quickly. Even when out the door and around the block, it rarely takes longer than 15 minutes.

How convenient is Sonny’s to historical sites in Philly?

Super convenient! We are a 5-minute walk from the Liberty Bell and the National Constitution Center.

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